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Snowpack Delays Road Openings and Firewood Season

Mar 30, 2018
We rely on National Forests for so much; clean air, water, jobs, food, wood and more.  Each year, thousands of people heat their…

Colville Business Council Will See New Members

Jun 30, 2017
On Thursday, the Colville Tribal Elections Committee released the official results from this year’s General Election.  Three…

Pop Up WorkSource Coming to Okanogan County June 26-27

Jun 22, 2017
Exciting things are happening at your Okanogan County WorkSource. For the past month, we’ve been remodeling our office so we can…

Get Pressure Gauges Checked

Jun 22, 2017
It’s getting to be that time of year again!  Canning, drying and freezing food season is almost upon us.  Let’s get prepared!…

Complete Eats helps Washingtonians afford healthy foods

Jun 21, 2017
The Department of Health and Safeway “Kicked-Off” Complete Eats today, a program that makes fruits and vegetables more…

Colville Tribal Elections to Move Forward

CBC Press Release

Jun 21, 2017
The Colville Tribal Elections Committee has made the decision to move forward with the elections process and let the Position…