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Omak Schools Will Seek Bond and Levy in February

Sheila Corson, Communications Officer

Omak School District

Dec 05, 2017
With a huge reduction in the levy, Omak Schools will ask for both a smaller levy and a bond in February 2018, with a net…

School recovery proposal by Rep. Brad Hawkins passes House unanimously

Feb 09, 2015
A bill to help schools restore infrastructure in the aftermath of natural disasters was approved by the House of Representatives…

Upper Columbia River, tributaries re-open for steelhead fishing

Feb 05, 2015
Action 1:  Effective immediately, allow retention of hatchery steelhead on portions of the upper Columbia River and portions of…

Wenatchee Valley College at Omak presents 12th Annual Omak Film Festival

Feb 05, 2015
Wenatchee Valley College at Omak student government has partnered with the Omak and Mirage Theaters to present the 12th Annual…

PUD Issues Another Scam Alert

Feb 04, 2015
Please be on alert for another scam targeting PUD customers in Okanogan County. This latest threat comes from a pop-up message…

Second quarantine set in Okanogan County due to Avian Flu

Feb 03, 2015
The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) yesterday adopted an emergency rule to establish a second quarantine zone…