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Area and trail closures lifted for the Diamond Creek Fire; a couple road closures remain in effect through November

Oct 20, 2017

Forest visitors, hunters and other recreationists using the Pasayten Wilderness area will be glad to learn that area and trail closures for the Diamond Creek Fire will be lifted today, October 20. The recent rain and snow that has fallen over this area has eliminated the need to keep these closures in effect.

“Anytime there are closures we strive to remove them as soon as it is safe to do so, keeping in mind public and firefighter safety is always our number one concern,” said Methow Valley District Ranger Mike Liu.

“For public safety, road closures at Yellowjacket Sno-Park and upper Eightmile Road above Copper Glance Trailhead will remain in place until the end of November,” Liu said. “There will be large construction equipment working in the roadway, crews will be falling hazardous trees, and logging truck traffic will occur on these steep and narrow roads associated with timber salvage and Burned Area Emergency Response work.”

Liu cautioned that dangers exist during and long after a wildfire occurs and forest visitors should limit their use of recently burned areas by just traveling through those areas to reach an unburned destination. 

Some of the hazards to watch out for when traveling through old wildfire areas include falling snags/dead trees which might injure people or block roads or trails, stump holes and root channels can still be burning and are often hidden from sight until stepped upon, rolling rocks and mudslides or debris flows off hillsides can occur any time but especially after rain and freeze-thaw events, and recently opened areas may still have areas with smoke and fire.

It is best to stay current on weather forecasts, carry a saw or axe in case a tree falls across a road or trail, and always let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return home.

For information about Burned Area Emergency Response work occurring in the national forest, go to , and for information about the temporary road closures please contact the Methow Valley Ranger District office at 509-996-4003.

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