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Forest Service receives $1M for repair of flood damaged roads

Oct 07, 2017

Flood repair work is planned to begin this month on six Forest Service roads located on the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest.  These roads had received significant damage from fall 2015 and spring 2016 heavy snow melt-off and rain events that caused debris flows, road washouts and other damage on roads and other areas of the Forest. 

“Work began this week on the Andy Creek Road #1382, located on the Naches Ranger District.  We anticipate work starting on the north end of the forest on the Methow Valley Ranger District’s Cougar Creek #5008-200 and Chewuch #5160 roads early in October; with work on Finley Canyon #4100-300 and Black Canyon Roads #4010 to follow after that,” said Forest Engineering Staff Officer, Jason Peterson.  

Over $1.1 million dollars and contract administration for this work has been received through a partnership with the Federal Highway Administration (FHA).  While six roads received funding for emergency repair this year, the Forest and FHA anticipate having additional funded contracts in 2018 and 2019 to repair several other damaged sites.   

The Forest is also working this fall to repair some of the road damage to other sites that have not received FHA funding, including: the #9712 Road on Cle Elum District, the #6400 Road on the Wenatchee River District, and the #1900 Road on the Naches District.

“These roads are important access for Forest visitors and we are working hard to repair them,” added Peterson. “We’ll continue to look at alternative funding and solutions to open these areas again.”

During construction and repairs, expect heavy equipment and trucks along these roads and short term closures are anticipated for some road work. For those roads that are closed due to the damage, they will remain closed until they are completely repaired.

Forest visitors are advised to be aware of current restrictions and closures before visiting the national forest; go to: call your local Ranger Station.

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