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Frank's Pond at Beebe Springs Wildlife Area to open for “Black Friday” fishing day

Nov 22, 2016

Action: Open Franks Pond the Friday after Thanksgiving for juvenile fishing (less than 15 years of age).

Effective dates: Nov. 25 through Nov. 27, 2016.

Species affected: Trout and other game fish.

Location: Frank's Pond at Beebe Springs Wildlife Area, Chelan County.

Reasons for action: Opening this newly constructed pond for juvenile anglers will provide an exclusive fishing opportunity over the holiday weekend. 

Other information:

Night closure in effect..

No size restrictions.

Trout - Daily limit 2 fish.

All other game fish - Daily limit 5 fish.

Children under the age of 15 do not require a license. They must actively participate and be able to demonstrate the ability to handle the gear by themselves. They must follow all the rules and restrictions for that body of water. Adults may assist and are not required to have a license if they will not be fishing/harvesting themselves, but children must be present and take part in the entire process.

Information contact: Travis Maitland, District 7 Fish Biologist, (509) 665-3337, Jeff Korth, Region 2 Fish Program Manager, (509) 754-4624 ext 224.


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