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Oct 09, 2013

During the current biennium, the Washington State Legislature appropriated over $1 million in forest hazard reduction funding for private landowners in the Forest Health Hazard Warning Area in Okanogan and Ferry counties. This funding is administered through the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

The funds are an investment by the state to help landowners cover a portion of the cost (up to 50%) for practices such as thinning, slash disposal and pruning that improve forest health by reducing tree density and target wildfire risk by removing fuels. Many forest stands in the region are too dense, which weakens the trees and makes them more susceptible to damage agents such as western spruce budworm or pine bark beetles.

DNR foresters are available to meet with landowners, assess the health of their forests and make recommendations for how landowners can best achieve their goals and objectives.

Landowners interested in having a forester assess their forest or applying for cost-share practices such as thinning, pruning, or slash disposal should contact:

Steve Harris, Landowner Assistance Manager

Washington State Department of Natural Resources
Colville, WA

Forest landowners may also apply for cost-share funding online at

To learn more about the Forest Health Hazard Warning issued for portions of Okanogan and Ferry counties,


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