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Long Term Permit Renewals Considered on Forest Land

May 10, 2017

National Forest Land covers about forty percent of Okanogan County.  We rely on the Forest for clean air and water, jobs and food.  Many of the utilities and services, such as power lines, sewage transmission, road access, radio towers, communication and water lines, are relied on by County residents travel through National Forest Lands. 

The Methow Valley Ranger District is seeking input on proposals to renew several of these existing special use permits for the next 30 years.  The permits provide road access, operation and maintenance access, easement for utility lines and a radio tower as well as water transmission and storage and replacing a radio tower at McClure Mountain communication site. 

“Comments received within the next two weeks would be most helpful,” said District Ranger Michael Liu.  “We anticipate making decisions for each of these permit renewals during the coming summer.” 

For more information about the permits or to comment on the project, please contact Meg Trebon at the Methow Valley Ranger District 509-996-4032.

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