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Smokejumpers Added to Thunder Creek Fire Crew

Jun 05, 2015

Nineteen wildland firefighters continue suppression efforts on the edges of the Thunder Creek Fire in North Cascades National Park Service Complex. Ten North Cascades smokejumpers parachuted in yesterday to work beside the Whiskeytown Fire Module firefighters. The crews, who are camping near the remote fire, are being supplied and supported by helicopter.

Firefighters will concentrate on the south and southeast flanks of the fire. A small crew will work their way to the north side to assess the extremely rugged and steep part of the fire.

Aerial mapping of the perimeter yesterday provided a more accurate fire estimate at about 100 acres.

The Thunder Creek Fire, first detected on May 30, is burning in wilderness, with rocky, dangerous and steep terrain on the north and east, but with more access from the south flank.

The decision to suppress the fire rather than let it play its natural role in the wilderness ecosystem was made in part because it started so early in the season and experts anticipate very high potential for wildfire this summer throughout the west. This could result in significant fire activity and growth throughout the west, with very few available firefighting resources later in the season.

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