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State Seeks Comments about How Land Bought or Developed With State Grants May Be Used

May 10, 2012

The Washington Recreation and Conservation Office is seeking comment on how lands may be used if their purchase or development is funded with state grants.

Under consideration are policies about when grant recipients may allow grazing, install telecommunications facilities such as cell towers and remove trees on lands assisted with some state recreation and conservation grants.
For details on the proposal, visit the Recreation and Conservation Office Web site at Comments on the proposed policy changes are due May 21.

The proposal requires grant recipients to manage the activities in ways that protect the habitat or outdoor recreation that was funded by the grant. The proposal also sets up a method for deciding if a use may be allowed on grant-funded land.

The Recreation and Conservation Funding Board will discuss the proposal and any comments received when it meets June 27 in Port Angeles. The board is expected to make a final decision about the proposal when it meets October 17.

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