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Stickpin Fire in Ferry County Over 3000 Acres

Aug 13, 2015

The Stickpin Fire burning on Kettle Crest south of Profanity Peak near the old Leona Fire Scar was 2,000 acres as of the 4pm news release and by 6pm had grown to 3000 acres according to fire officials. The smoke from this fire is visible on both sides of the Kettle Crest and was clearly visible from the Omak area this afternoon.

The fire was reported on Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. and probable cause is from a lightning storm that passed over the area earlier in the day. With forecasted, unstable fire weather today, there is a Red Flag warning in effect and we are expecting winds and isolated thunderstorms.

Fire officials say the combination of dense standing and down fuels, unstable weather patterns, difficult access, rugged terrain, and no viable escape routes and safety zones make direct suppression efforts unsafe. 

Fire crews have successfully suppressed over 18 fires on the Colville National Forest the last 48 hours and have done so safely.

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