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Supreme Court Orders State to Appear at Hearing on McCleary Progress

Jul 14, 2016

A unanimous Supreme Court this morning ordered a hearing in the on going saga of education funding in Washington. 

The justices said before making a decision on whether the State is in compliance with their ruling to fully fund basic education by 2018, that they want to hear from the parties on precisely that the legislature has accomplished, what remains to be accomplished, and what significance they should attach to legislation passed by the 2016 legislature that lawmakers argue shows they are on pace toward fulfilling their constitutional duty.

The Court has ordered the parties to appear at a hearing September 7, where the Justices say they expect the State to provide specific and detailed answers to a list of questions, including: the current estimated cost of full funding of the program of basic education and the implementation of that program, including but not limited to, the costs of materials, supplies, and operating costs; transportation; and reduced class sizes.  The justices specified that with the cost of reduced class sizes and all-day kindergarten that lawmaker must include the estimated capital costs necessary to fully implement those components as well as the costs to fund the necessary level of staffing.

The court also wants specific answers on how the State intends to meet its constitutional obligation through dependable and regular revenue sources.  

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