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“Water Rights 101” Workshop Available

Jan 25, 2016

“Water Rights 101” Workshop Available for Land Managers

Washington Water Trust, Okanogan Land Trust, and Okanogan Conservation District are co-hosting a workshop focused on water rights and conservation. The hosting organizations share a common strategy of working collaboratively with landowners and water right holders to help them achieve water quantity and water quality improvements, particularly in light of both drought and flood risks.

The one-hour workshop will provide information to anyone using water for irrigation or livestock. Specific topics include understanding water rights, water conservation practices, and the programs and resources available to land managers related to water quality and quantity. Those with specific water rights questions can also get one-on-one assistance after the presentations and become acquainted with water rights information that is available on the internet.

There are three options for those who would like to attend:

Oroville City Hall Meeting Room: Monday, Jan. 25th at 6:30 p.m.

Okanogan PUD Meeting Room: Tuesday, Jan. 26th at noon, and again at 6:30 p.m.



The Okanogan Conservation District works collaboratively with land managers to care for natural resources in Okanogan County. Okanogan CD is a local governmental entity formed as a sub-division of Washington State under RCW 89.08. All District services are provided free of charge without discrimination.


Washington Water Trust is a neutral, non-regulatory, nonprofit dedicated to improving and protecting stream flows and water quality throughout Washington. WWT uses voluntary, market-based transactions and cooperative partnerships to create balanced solutions. Washington Water Trust also works to develop innovative solutions with water rights holders who are looking for a more cost-effective ways to use their water.


Okanogan Land Trust is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, collaborating with landowners and other community members, organizations and businesses, to protect what we love about life here: wide open spaces, clean air and water, natural landscapes, abundant wildlife, local food from our working farms and ranches, and resilient rural communities.

Contact Information:

Okanogan Conservation District

Kirsten Cook, Education and Outreach Coordinator

509-422-0855 ext. 103

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