Local News

100 Percent Compliance from Alcohol Retailers; Sage Shop Sells Pot to Teen

May 06, 2016
Thursday night, the Omak and Oroville Police Departments conducted local alcohol and marijuana retail compliance checks in Omak,…

Arrest Warrant Issued in Last Week's Shooting

Mar 27, 2013
On Tuesday, Okanogan County Superior Court issued an arrest warrant for Ronald Moore in conjunction with the shooting…

Spring cleaning under way on North Cascades Highway

Mar 27, 2013
Early Monday, March 25, a five-person maintenance crew and a collection of snow-clearing equipment made the annual trek…

Officials Release Names of Suspect and Deputy

Mar 26, 2013
Officials have released the name of the man suspected of killing his father Thursday night in an altercation at a home on…

Studded tire deadline approaches as spring arrives

Mar 25, 2013
Spring has arrived. As temperatures rise across the region, the Washington State Department of Transportation reminds…

Okanogan/Omak Rotary Club Announces Scholarship Winners

Mar 22, 2013
Tim Patrick, President of the Okanogan/Omak Rotary Club, is pleased to announce the winners of the Club's 2013 annual…