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USFW Supervisor Forced to Remind Employees That Human Safety Comes First

Aug 29, 2018
In the wake of a July 12th incident in Okanogan County where a 25-year-old Forest Service employee was treed by wolves, and…

Threatening Note Leads to Lockdown at Omak High School

Mar 21, 2018
Omak High School was put into lockdown and the Middle School was in a soft lockdown after a threating note was discovered in a…

Student Arrested for Arson at High School

Mar 21, 2018
A 16-year-old male student has been arrested in connection with the fire that was started in a bathroom stall at Omak High…

Auditors Office Hours Changing

Laurie Thomas, Okanogan County Auditor

Mar 21, 2018
The Okanogan County Auditor’s office, including the vehicle and vessel licensing dept, will move to new hours beginning April…


Mar 19, 2018
Friday night, Okanogan County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the Blue Mountain Motel for a report of a drive-by shooting.…

Son shoots Mother then kills himself

Mar 19, 2018
Sunday morning at around 10:00 AM Okanogan County Sheriff’s Deputies and Brewster Police  responded to a call on North Star Road…