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USFW Supervisor Forced to Remind Employees That Human Safety Comes First

Aug 29, 2018
In the wake of a July 12th incident in Okanogan County where a 25-year-old Forest Service employee was treed by wolves, and…

Map Your Neighborhood Coming to Pateros

Gene Dowers, Executive Director, PBCRC

Apr 17, 2018
What’s going to happen when the next “big one” comes?  Another big fire or the earthquake that everybody talks about.  Or a…

Okanogan gets Much Needed First Community-Based Seasonal Farmworker Housing

Apr 12, 2018
Wafla, the largest agricultural guestworker provider in the nation, is holding a Hard Hat Ceremony on Thursday, April 19, 2018…

The Loup Loup Ski Education Foundation is beginning search for a new General Manager

Apr 11, 2018
The Loup Loup Ski Education Foundation beginning our search for a new General Manager, due to the fact that current General…

Popular Trail Considered for Adoption/Improvements

Apr 11, 2018
Mountain bikers, horseback riders, and trail runners enjoying a springtime outing on the Buck Mountain Trail experience…

Mudslide Blocks Highway 20 Outside of Okanogan Monday Night

Apr 10, 2018
Mud, trees and rocks came crashing down on Highway 20 about 10 miles west of Okanogan Monday night, causing both lanes to be…