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Diamond Creek Fire Closure To Remain In Place

Oct 04, 2017
While Diamond Creek Fire is not out, the potential for significant perimeter growth is limited.  Future written updates will…

Get Pressure Gauges Checked

Jun 22, 2017
It’s getting to be that time of year again!  Canning, drying and freezing food season is almost upon us.  Let’s get prepared!…

Complete Eats helps Washingtonians afford healthy foods

Jun 21, 2017
The Department of Health and Safeway “Kicked-Off” Complete Eats today, a program that makes fruits and vegetables more…

Colville Tribal Elections to Move Forward

CBC Press Release

Jun 21, 2017
The Colville Tribal Elections Committee has made the decision to move forward with the elections process and let the Position…

Boys & Girls Clubs on the Colville Reservation Expand

Jun 20, 2017
The Boys and Girls Club on the Colville Reservation will be expanding to the Nespelem Community Center with a soft opening June…

Former Colville Tribal Chair Jim Boyd Honored by His Tribe

Jun 19, 2017
“Snina?qn,” the name passed on to James L. (Jim) Boyd, Sr.,  through his family is now the official name of the Colville…